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Hooked On A Reef
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Anyone who has longed for adventure on a tropical island or vacationed in Jamaica, West Indies, especially during the 1970's and 80's will enjoy this historical novel. Steve Warren, an old school Palm Beach playboy, discovers a rundown restaurant with a colorful reputation right on the beach in Rose Hall. He hopes to refurbish the Reef Club to make a successful attraction to sell for a profit to the Holiday Inn he knows will be built next door. Just as his dreams are about to be realized, he discovers his tropical paradise is a third world country. Michael Manley is elected Prime Minister. Upper and middle class Jamaicans flee the island. Members of the drug culture emerge to fill the void. The conflict is reflected through the Reef Club. Denzel Armstrong, the protagonist banished from his gentile upbringing, sells drugs to earn money and power. From the moment Manley is elected after promising to return Jamaica to the people, Denzel has his sights on the Reef Club. Will he succeed? As the layers insulating Steve from 'responsibility' are whittled away, it is up to Steve alone to save his Club. Can he or does something unforeseen happen? The novel, based on the experiences of owning a restaurant during that time in Jamaica, explores relationships between fathers and sons. Colin Powell of Jamaican descent has provided respected leadership in the United States. Perhaps children of those who fled Jamaica will take skills learned elsewhere to provide leadership for the beautiful island of Jamaica.

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