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DIY Decorating - Interior Design Ideas To Save ...
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DIY Decorating Interior Design Ideas To Save Your Budget DIY decorating may seem like an expensive and complicated venture. This is far from the truth. Today, anyone can be a DIY decorator, and any budget can bring about effective and contemporary interior designs to your home. Whether you are a novice decorator or an experienced one, this book is for you. Using simple and available items in the home, this book provides numerous ideas on how you can refurbish what you already own to save on costs, and also explore the options of creating something from scratch. Being on a budget does not mean you can only create small projects. Major changes in the room can be made on a budget, and this book details how you can achieve that. The key to successful DIY decorating lies in creativity, and you will find that in various aspects within this book. The ideas for interior design are divided into 6 major categories which are: The Power of Paint Craft Creativity Fabulous Furniture Finishing with Fabric Accentuate with Accessories Paper Perfection

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